Understanding youth migration; Time for New Narrative

With support from the Swiss Embassy in Tirana the National Youth Congress conducted an assessment of what motivates Albania’s youth to emigrate or to stay in the country, “Understating youth Trends; Time for New Narrative”. In the framework of this project were conducted consultative meetings in 12 cities, and the study was presented at the event on 1 October.

What are the main reasons why young people emigrate? How do they assess youth policies and the work of institutions regarding youth? What should we change to maximize the youth contribution within the country and minimize the tendency of young people to emigrate?

Among the key findings, the study reveals that there is an urgent need to revitalize the youth potential through local and communitarian incentives and cross sectorial cooperation. As the unemployment was rated as the most pressing challenge of Albanian youth, the research emphasizes the mismatch between labour market needs in terms of fields and skills and what educational system offers. For young people in Albania, public institutions are not revealed as a reliable partner, therefore, a new dialogue strategy among these two actors is needed.

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National Youth Congress (NYC) is a youth umbrella organization – a union of youth organizations, informal groups, youth forums of political parties.

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