Report and policy analysis on central level institutions/ Youth Resolution Series/ 2018

Based on the issue addressed in the youth resolution report in 2017, apart from advocating and addressing the problems at the local level, NYC highly appreciated the monitoring of the youth-focused parliamentary activity based on the key issues of this resolution. Through a methodology based on information obtained from the right to information, the official website of parliament and the follow-up of parliamentary sessions and commissions, NYC gathered and structured the active work of members of the Assembly of Albania in terms of youth issues. Part of the monitoring process were laws, draft laws, discussions on youth affairs in parliament and commissions, assembly activities with youth and the budget allocated to youth and education for 2018.

This monitoring report was subject to public debate among journalists, political youth forums, universities, and civil society, aiming to engage the Parliament on the issues cited in the youth resolution and promote accountability at the level of representation, referring to legislative productivity and MPs’ representatives of the 12 regions in Albania.

National Youth Congress was part of this process since in the very first steps of consultations on 2014, therefore it was an obligation from our side to prepare an analysis and report towards all other stakeholders which dealt with youth policy regarding the effectiveness of these two documents, what was realized and what not.

This project was a crucial point towards an improved method of working for the next youth strategy and action plan after a detailed analysis, reporting process and open consultations with the relevant stakeholders and most important youngsters.

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