The OSCE Secretariat in Vienna, the OSCE Presence in Albania, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation Regional Office for Cooperation and Peace in Europe and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tirana are jointly organizing the first ever meeting of the Debating Perspectives 2030 Roadshow with a focus on Albania.

The OSCE “Perspectives 20-30” initiative aims to integrate youth perspectives into OSCE security debates in order to strengthen the Organization’s ability to promote peace, stability and comprehensive security throughout the region.

The event consisted of discussions at the national level on how young people can help to address security challenges, with particular emphasis on Albania and the region, while not missing the wider OSCE area perspective.

Representatives of the National Youth Congress, Engjell Gjugja, Klajdi Priska, Enxhi Lipa, Shila Parllaku, Ergys Kana Gezka, Franceska Muco, Ana Gjoka were part of the meeting to give their contribution in discussions, in the roles of moderators and rapporteurs.

Conclusions and recommendations from these discussions will be published in a policy paper that will help participating States to shape policies in the three OSCE dimensions of security.