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Konrad-Adenauer (KAS) is a political foundation of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany with the fundamental principles of freedom, justice, and solidarity. At the center of international cooperation, work, engagement and various KAS projects stands “the person” with his inviolable dignity, with his rights and responsibilities as the pinnacle of social justice, liberal democracy, and sustainable economy.

Part of the essential cooperation of KAS in the Tirana’s office is related to the National Youth Congress of Albania (KRK), with a relationship established in 2017. This cooperation was driven by common values ​​and goals. For which a dedicated combination between KRK’s approach to youth issues and KAS’s support resulted in a proven and sustainable impact in addressing priorities and fulfilling the mission for both parties. Through the support of KAS, the National Youth Congress carries out the activity of systematically covering public policies having youth at the central level by compiling recommendations on the improvement of these policies.

National Youth Congress (NYC) is a youth umbrella organization – a union of youth organizations, informal groups, youth forums of political parties.

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Bulevardi Zogu i Pare, Rr. Papa Kristo Negovani Pall. Li-Em, Shkalla 1, Kati 2, Tirana 1040, Albania

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