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The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) is the oldest political foundation in Germany with a rich tradition in social democracy dating back to its foundation in 1925. The foundation owes its formation and its mission to the political legacy of its namesake Friedrich Ebert, the first democratically elected German President.

FES is and has been from the beginning the strongest supporter, aide, and partner of the National Youth Congress of Albania. With the belief and confidence that a strong civil society led by youngsters filled with ideals and values that are the roots of nowadays most successful western democracies, a partnership with KRK was deemed as a strategic essentiality.

The work supported and partnered with FES consists of initiatives that seek to improve the local policies and local democracies subsequently. Our collaboration seeks to elaborate and develop structured dialog in Albania and further the involvement of civil society and the state’s institutions in common discussions and work to develop youth policies and strategies that cover youth issues as efficiently as possible.

National Youth Congress (NYC) is a youth umbrella organization – a union of youth organizations, informal groups, youth forums of political parties.

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Bulevardi Zogu i Pare, Rr. Papa Kristo Negovani Pall. Li-Em, Shkalla 1, Kati 2, Tirana 1040, Albania

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