The follow up phase for year 2019 had a clear goal: to translate the 12 local action plan concepts into officially and institutionally adopted action plans from the 12 municipalities in focus. Since 2019 was also the year of the local elections, except writing the action plans, on the other hand we had to jointly lobby, advocate and establish a structured dialogue with the relevant stakeholders and candidates during the election campaign.

“Local Youth Action Plans in 12 regions of Albania” is a long-term cooperation project between the “Friedrich Ebert” Foundation (FES) and the National Youth Congress (NYC) in order to support youth and promote structured dialogue by creating dedicated policies for youth at the local level.

During 2019, 12 local youth action plans were built in cooperation with the 12 municipalities involved in the project, which further consolidated the relationship of trust between local youth organizations and the respective municipalities, creating the basis for joint work in addressing the challenges that young people encounter at the local level, with a particular focus on education, employment, participation, healthy lifestyles, social security and EU accession.