National Youth Congress in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Tirana developed the report “Checklist for youth and rights in the workplace”, with the aim of addressing issues and opinions on the topic and political addressing of requests directly related to social and economic rights of young people in the labor market.

The future of work is a topic of particular concern in the discourse on employment and social rights in Europe and is a growing concern both between governments and institutions, as well as between employers and workers. However, as noted, the youth perspective is extremely limited in current discourse. Areas where it exists are traditionally associated with young people, such as education and skills.

By developing this report, we aim to fill this gap and ensure that the realities of young people are reflected in discussions. This step will further strengthen the goal of integrating young people into policy areas and ensure a future based on labor rights, where no young people are left behind.

Checklist for youths and the rights on the workplace