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“Re-Debate 4.1 Debate Culture Revitalization


15 cities of Albania have welcomed the project “Re-Debate 4.1 Debate Culture Revitalization” provided by implemented by the LiburnEtik Organization with the collaboration of the National Youth Congress that consists in debate challenges between the gymnasiums.
National Youth Congress through the assistance in organizing, providing the necessary expertise and promoting the project at the national and regional level helps to accomplish the goals of this initiative, which focuses on the development of critical thinking, the culture of debate, the importance of arguing and developing communication skills.
Shkodra was the city that completed the stage of debates at the city level of Re-Debate 4.1 and now 16 squads will compete for the final! ️

Who will be the finalists ?! 

Stay tuned!

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Strategic meeting on behalf of the “Local Youth Action Plans” initiative

We have officially started this year’s program for the construction of 12 action plans for youth with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Tirana and in cooperation with 12 Municipalities, all structures of the National Youth Congress and 12 local experts.

Based on the colossal work that took place last year under the program, we co-edited the work plan for this year and shared the teams and tasks.

Executive Director Dafina Peci emphasized that this program is the best translation of the approach we should have on local democracy and the real empowerment of youth structures and youth according to the needs that both sides find on a grassroots basis, such as the civil sector as well as local institutions! ️

A lot of work, positive challenges and activities await us this year, in 12 regions with young people!
Berat, Dibër, Durrës, Elbasan, Kamëz, Korçë, Kukës, Lezhë, Përmet, Roskovec, Shkodër, Vlorë

The Deeper the Roots, the Greater the Fruits!

Go local, go youth! # NYC2019

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Kick off meeting with WBYCP 2019!

WBYCP has entered its third year of activities. The platform institutional partners gathered in Tirana for a strategic meeting to evaluate past actions and plan future work, with a special focus on the 2019 joint activities and actions.

Several developments involving youth are happening in all the Western Balkans countries, not only at the policy level but also at grassroots/citizens level. We all agreed on the need for WBYCP to step in and voice up youth pressing issues in the region and beyond. Together we discussed about WBYCP’s strengths and opportunities, but also exchanged about the actual developments in youth sector and related policies, including the ongoing changes in legislation, youth strategies and structures in several countries, as well as the budgetary resources allocated. Each of the partners presented the work done by their organization in addressing and advocating for youth challenges and rights, locally and regionally.

Together we discussed and agreed on the research methodology that will precede studies in established fields, organize events throughout the year, and build a communication strategy to reflect the project process.

Many of the activities and joint initiatives are waiting for us.


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Re-Debate 4.1 Launching Event

On February 21st, the project Re-Debate 4.1 was launched at the European House. This project is being implemented by the LiburnEtik Organization with the support of the Open Society Foundation for Albania and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the National Youth Congress.

On the welcoming speech, Aspasjana Kerxhalli, project coordinator, said that this format was welcomed by many high school students throughout Albania and that there were many requests to participate in this initiative from other students from the schools that are not included in the project.

Andi Dobrushi, Director of OSFA, said they are in discussions with MASR so that next year this project will extend to all cities of Albania.

Also, Brisi Sula, representative of MASR, appreciated the project and initiative as a positive practice and need for youth education.

Ergys Kana Gezka, Executive Director of LIBURNETIK, said that last year this project has been very successful and as project organizers they have involved more and more participants in trainings and debates this year. According to him, the extension of the project across Albania is necessary and would bring added value to the education of younger generations.

The President of the National Youth Congress, Lorela Marku, expressed the will of NYC to contribute to this initiative through the assistance in organizing, providing the necessary expertise and promoting the project at the national and regional level.

#ReDebate #Liburnetik #education #criticalthinking

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