Europe Day

The National Youth Congress on 8-9 May became part of the two-day initiative taken by Mr. Vladimir Thano and Dr. Andy Hoxhaj in the framework of the European Day for discussing the steps to be taken towards the integration of the country, where the key points were:

1. How do we see Europe’s future and what will be the role of the Western Balkans?
2. Integration Process.
3. Structured Dialogue.

Youth and Civil Society are in the hands of the future of the integration process and are the protagonists in creating a structured dialogue for a near future towards the European Union.

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Meeting with the Parliamentary Deputies of Great Britain

Students and newly graduated part of the National Youth Congress Board and Assembly were part of the series of talks that the MP of the UK Parliament, Margaret Hodg, is doing during her visit to Albania. 

Part of the delegation were also Mr. Jonas Andersson (International Center Olof Palme), Ms. Nabila Sattar (International Project Coordinator in the United Kingdom) Danijel Tadic (Project Coordinator at the European Forum for Democracy and Solidarity). 

Discussion focused on the challenges of education, employment and the expectations of Albanian youth for the future. High attention was paid to our perception of the political situation in the country.

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Youth Trail

“The National Youth Congress became part of the event held on 13 September in the framework of the one-year initiative promoting the values of the OSCE among the 40 youths coming from the Balkan region,” Youth Trail” which comes as one of the main events marking the 20th anniversary of the OSCE in Albania. This event was held in close cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana, the Regional Office of Youth Cooperation – RYCO and with the support of the Austrian Development Agency.

This event will be finalized the next day with the Youth Trail Concert, at New Bazaar, at 20:00. Do not miss it!
Click here for more about Event – Youth Trail Concert

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Connecting Youth – Moving Forward

“Connecting Youth – Moving Forward” The EU Youth Forum for the Western Balkans was held on 11-12 July 2017 in Trieste in parallel with the Western Balkans Summit. The Youth Forum constitutes a unique platform for exchange and dialogue, bringing together 60 young people from the Western Balkans and EU member states to discuss common challenges and work towards finding common solutions. It was organized by the European Commission and the Italian Government, supported by the European Youth Forum and the Southeastern Europe Resource Center in SALTO.

  • I. Mobility / Exchanges;
  • II. Including / Overcoming Stereotypes;
  • III. Initiatives;
  • IV. Youth participation.

Also, the Youth Forum discussed the following topics that are relevant to the region:

  • 1. The work of the Regional Office for Youth Cooperation (RYCO)
  • 2. Young Civil Service / Young Professional Mobility Scheme,
  • 3. Erasmus + programs,
  • 4. Creating a gap between youth policies, youth participation and parliamentarians in the region.
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Stage III of the Exchange “Civil Society and Youth in the 21st Century”

On Sunday, June 11, started the third phase of the youth exchange project between France, Germany and Albania. The National Youth Congress in collaboration with the National Youth Service, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, the Center Francais de Berlin, the Une Terre Culturelle, the Sei Berlin and the OFAJ DFJW organize the Stage Three of the Exchange “Civil Society and Youth in the 21st Century” in Berlin. 

In this third series there will be no lack of cooperation activities, intercultural exchanges and sharing of experiences or best practices. The following are awaiting other days full of activities, study visits and interesting tours in the city. This exchange is the starting point for a long and solid friendship of our country with those of France, Germany and not only.

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Western Balkans Civil Society Forum (CSF)

The National Youth Congress was part of the activity of the Western Balkans Civil Society Forum (CSF), developed on April 26-28, by the Cooperation and Development Institute (CDI), the European Fund for the Balkans, the ERSTE Foundation and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. 

The forum focused on the overall issues of Civil Society as well as the establishment of a platform of proposals and recommendations to be presented during the Western Balkans Summit to be held in July in Trieste. The meeting began with the analysis of the Berlin Process and EU Enlargement Policy, continuing with discussions on four topics:

  • Youth Co-operation in the Western Balkans;
  • Rule of Law and Anti-Corruption;
  • Business Environment and Innovation Potential in the Western
  • Balkans: The Role of SMEs;
  • Bilateral issues.

More than a hundred leaders of civil society organizations, diplomats, officials and politicians from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Serbia and the EU participated in talks on some of the most pressing countries in the Western Balkans. 

The National Youth Congress contributed to the facilitation of the organization of the activity and participation in the discussion tables. 

Participants exchanged views and ideas on the structures and resources needed to enable sustainable and long-term youth cooperation in the region, the greatest challenges for rule of law, structures and support mechanisms that can foster the development of entrepreneurial initiatives, intercultural cooperation and the creative industry, about the possible ways to prevent further deterioration of neighborly relations in the region and to change negative trends. 

The results of the discussions will be formulated in the recommendations for the Trieste Summit over the coming weeks.

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Democracy in my eyes

The “ACT for SOCIETY” Center under the auspices of Raiffeisen Bank Albania and with the support of the National Youth Congress and Y-Peer Albania held on May 24th the event “DEMOCRACY IN THE EYE OF MI” where young people unfold their talents in literature, painting and music in order to demonstrate their perception of democracy. 

This project brought a variety of artistic works from many young people and three awards in the categories: Essay, Painting and Video.

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Connecting Youth Platform

The platform is an initiative of the Cooperation and Development Institute and supported by the Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung. 

The platform services and functions are consistently coordinated with the National Youth Congress and the Krovna Organizacija Mladih Srbije, which provide support for the platform. 

The main purpose of the platform is to provide youth organizations, CSOs, informal movements, groups or individuals, initially from Albania and Serbia and then from across the Western Balkans, a resource center where they can find partners for joint activities, exchange initiatives, youth projects, where to discuss cooperation ideas, create joint activities, get advice and implement those projects together. 

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The importance of the votes

Liburnetik with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – Tirana Office and in co-operation with the National Youth Congress, European Movement Albania and Citizens Channel realized the project “The Voting Power”. The project started its implementation in March this year. 

This project aimed at bringing to the attention of Youth the importance of voting as a fundamental feature of a democratic and pluralistic society and as the right / duty of every citizen. 

The activities carried out in Durres, Korça, Gjirokastra, Vlora and Fier have also introduced the introduction of artistic installations in the context of the awareness raising campaign to promote the primary role that young people have in the decision-making process. 

The installations, which occupy the main part of the activities, attracted the attention of not only young people but also other citizens who showed interest in the message that the installation conveyed. 

It also became a viral campaign with an awareness video on the importance of voter turnout involving all youth groups to provide a more inclusive message. 

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Conference on Strategic Dialogue

The National Youth Congress became part of the Strategic Dialogue Conference in the framework of the drafting of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office Strategic Plan 2018-2020 – RYCO.

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