Anketim Online “Përfaqësimi dhe pjesëmarrja e të rinjve në zgjedhjet vendore 2019”

Nëse je një i ri apo e re ndërmjet moshës 18-30 vjeç dhe jeton në Tiranë, Shkodër ose Korçë ndaj me ne pak minuta për plotësimin e këtij pyetësori!!

Ky anketim realizohet në kuadër të nismës së Kongresit Rinor Kombëtar “Përfaqësimi dhe pjesëmarrja e të rinjve në zgjedhjet vendore 2019”, mbështetur nga Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Albanien dhe synon të studiojë qasjen e votuesve të rinj dhe atyre për herë të parë në zgjedhjet lokale të 2019 , si dhe nivelin e përfaqësimit në strukturat brenda partisë.

Plotësimi i këtij pyetësori do të na ndihmojë për të kuptuar të rinjtë përpara zgjedhjeve vendore, sa e njohin ata Bashkinë, kompetencat dhe procesin e votimit, sa të përfaqësuar dhe të gatshëm janë për të marrë pjesë në zgjedhje dhe a mendojnë ata se duhet të ketë një kuotë të përcaktuar për të rinjtë në listat e kandidatëve ?

Vetëm pak minuta duke klikuar këtu.

Ju falenderojmë për kohën tuaj! 

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Tirana Municipality-shortlisted for #EYC 2022 Title

The Municipality of Tirana is running for the “European Youth Capital 2022” title. The European Youth Capital is a title awarded by the European Youth Forum designed to empower young people, boost youth participation and strengthen European identity. This title gives the city a chance to showcase its innovative ideas, projects and activities that aim to empower voices and bringing a new perspective on young people in all aspects of city life.

National Youth Congress of Albania, as the largest and the most comprehensive umbrella organisation, is supporting this application as a co-applicant. On March 11, 2019, from 12 cities from across Europe running for the title, Tirana was selected in 5 shortlisted cities that at still in the running to become the European Youth Capital 2022 (EYC 2022).

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Launching event of “Preparing and Supporting Albania for the EU accession process”

National Youth Congress was officially invited to be part of the conference “Preparing and Supporting Albania for the EU accession process: Monitoring and Supporting Albania’s reforms on its path to EU” organized by the Cooperation and Development Institute, with the presence of Mr. Knut Fleckenstein and a number of representatives of Ministries, EU Embassies accredited in Albania and research institutes!

Reforms in justice, the fight against corruption and organized crime and electoral reform were priorities that were widely discussed both by the representatives of research institutes and by the representatives of civil society participating in the conference. 

In her speech, the Executive Director of the National Youth Congress emphasized the importance of the participation of youth organizations and young people with systematic approach to international dialogue. Being a representative and democratic body needs strong support in research work and vision, so such meetings are indispensable. She emphasized that the integral part of youth representation and activism is to keep close attention and substantial cooperation with all youth forums of political parties.

National Youth Congress as an umbrella organization of around 100 youth organizations on the basis of the First Resolutions on Youth, signed by its governing structures and six youth forums of political parties, laid the foundations for concrete co-operation in the framework of strengthening and empowering young people.

This model of co-operation and support of each other within a particular sector, in this case the youth, shows that in addition to the EU agenda, we have another important and priority agenda, that of the Albanian society for the Albanian state she concluded.

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Strategic meeting on behalf of the “Local Youth Action Plans” initiative

We have officially started this year’s program for the construction of 12 action plans for youth with the support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation Tirana and in cooperation with 12 Municipalities, all structures of the National Youth Congress and 12 local experts.

Based on the colossal work that took place last year under the program, we co-edited the work plan for this year and shared the teams and tasks.

Executive Director Dafina Peci emphasized that this program is the best translation of the approach we should have on local democracy and the real empowerment of youth structures and youth according to the needs that both sides find on a grassroots basis, such as the civil sector as well as local institutions! ️

A lot of work, positive challenges and activities await us this year, in 12 regions with young people!
Berat, Dibër, Durrës, Elbasan, Kamëz, Korçë, Kukës, Lezhë, Përmet, Roskovec, Shkodër, Vlorë

The Deeper the Roots, the Greater the Fruits!

Go local, go youth! # NYC2019

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Kick off meeting with WBYCP 2019!

WBYCP has entered its third year of activities. The platform institutional partners gathered in Tirana for a strategic meeting to evaluate past actions and plan future work, with a special focus on the 2019 joint activities and actions.

Several developments involving youth are happening in all the Western Balkans countries, not only at the policy level but also at grassroots/citizens level. We all agreed on the need for WBYCP to step in and voice up youth pressing issues in the region and beyond. Together we discussed about WBYCP’s strengths and opportunities, but also exchanged about the actual developments in youth sector and related policies, including the ongoing changes in legislation, youth strategies and structures in several countries, as well as the budgetary resources allocated. Each of the partners presented the work done by their organization in addressing and advocating for youth challenges and rights, locally and regionally.

Together we discussed and agreed on the research methodology that will precede studies in established fields, organize events throughout the year, and build a communication strategy to reflect the project process.

Many of the activities and joint initiatives are waiting for us.


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Re-Debate 4.1 Launching Event

On February 21st, the project Re-Debate 4.1 was launched at the European House. This project is being implemented by the LiburnEtik Organization with the support of the Open Society Foundation for Albania and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth and the National Youth Congress.

On the welcoming speech, Aspasjana Kerxhalli, project coordinator, said that this format was welcomed by many high school students throughout Albania and that there were many requests to participate in this initiative from other students from the schools that are not included in the project.

Andi Dobrushi, Director of OSFA, said they are in discussions with MASR so that next year this project will extend to all cities of Albania.

Also, Brisi Sula, representative of MASR, appreciated the project and initiative as a positive practice and need for youth education.

Ergys Kana Gezka, Executive Director of LIBURNETIK, said that last year this project has been very successful and as project organizers they have involved more and more participants in trainings and debates this year. According to him, the extension of the project across Albania is necessary and would bring added value to the education of younger generations.

The President of the National Youth Congress, Lorela Marku, expressed the will of NYC to contribute to this initiative through the assistance in organizing, providing the necessary expertise and promoting the project at the national and regional level.

#ReDebate #Liburnetik #education #criticalthinking

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1st Board meeting 2019


The members of the Board together with the Executive Director held the first official meeting this year at the National Youth Congress Office.

During the meeting we discussed about the programs that will be implemented in 2019, the initiatives that will be in focus, our position on national and European youth policies, new opportunities for cooperation, partnerships and many other important aspects related to NYC and network organizations.

Meeting minutes will be allocated to the Assembly in the framework of ongoing co-operation, transparency and reciprocity, together with the 2018 Annual Information Bulletin.

#StayTuned #MoreToCome # YouthPolicy & Action #NYC

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City Tour

City Tour 1

“City Tour” is an initiative taken in the context of touching the reality of Albanian youth in the 12 regions of Albania. Young people from local partner organizations faced representatives of local and central government to assess the youth employment situation, the performance of courses and vocational education institutions, youth centers, and two new topics: the sad phenomenon of massive outsourcing to countries European and Student Cards.

City Tour 2

It was implemented in two days where the main issue was held by young people with local representatives and key decision-makers such as: leaders of youth policy coordination or directorates of arts and culture in the municipality, Regional Employment Service Regional Service Officers Social, DAR representatives etc. The 11 two-day meetings that took place throughout Albania had a considerable impact on the confrontation of local representatives with young people, activists and representatives of civil society organizations.

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Youth Resolution: “A first step towards cooperation and integration”

The National Youth Congress in cooperation with the youth forums of the political parties on International Youth Day, 12 August 2016, after a several months joint work formally signed the Youth Resolution. 

The resolution is a political document that for the first time identified and established the interests of Albanian youth in front of party interests or the focus of various subjects. In the framework of this initiative on November 26, 2016, was organized the conference “Youth participation in decision-making, a step forward to the EU integration process” with the cooperation of six political youth forums and with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. 

This conference served as the first step in the project venture aimed at consulting this resolution in the 12 regions of Albania. The activities carried out in each county brought together activists of youth forums, youth organizations, civil society activists, and relevant local experts on identified core topics:

  • Educational system
  • Unemployment among young people
  • Social Security
  • Integration into the EU
  • Public spaces for young people

High participation in the meetings, elaborating themes and highlighting issues makes it easier to identify causes, whether legal, institutional, social or cultural. The input provided by all actors active in the project will serve initially for a local situation overview of candidates for MPs in this year’s election. Monitoring political rhetoric will be the next link in this project to see how many of the points outlined in these round tables sent to electoral staffs have become part of the agenda of potential candidates. 

After the end of this stage, Congress will work on a national report regarding all the work done in the districts, thus tackling the issues arising from the legal, institutional and political framework in order to prepare the necessary recommendations. 

This preparatory work will serve the budget consultations for 2018 in order for the decision-making party to adopt the most urgent issues for young people and to provide the appropriate budget for their resolution.

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National Youth Congress – Statement – #WithStudents

Based on the events happening in Albania with student movements and protests in each city against high university fees, lack of the minimum conditions to study and the low level of student representation in decision-making, we express our full support for the requests made by the students to the government.

The National Youth Congress is the largest and most comprehensive structure of youth organizations and informal youth groups in Albania and as such, we have been protesting every day since the first day of the protest.

As young people, we have been standing outside the doors of the Ministry and the Prime Minister’s Office representing ourselves, our relatives and friends because we are all suffering the same lack of possibilities.

As NYC, we have been one of the strongest opposing sides of the Law on Higher Education, and today, four years later, we are witnessing the consequences of a non-adequate decision taken by the policymakers.

This year, we are again trying to prevent the same phenomenon with the Law on Youth and we have the confidence and hope that we will succeed as this week the young people of Albania have shown that they know where, when and how to react.

This protest is only of students, not of organizations, and not of political parties. We totally agree with this approach, this is the reason why we did not want to make public statements in the media, and we decided to protest in the streets.

Unfortunately, today we feel the need to react as some of our youth organizations colleagues have taken the initiative to seek a hearing in parliament on this issue.

We and our 100 organizations part of our network disagree on this fact. The Parliament Hall is too small to fit 25,000 students which are on the streets and do not want to be represented by 10 or 100 people which are not democratically elected. 

Youth organizations in Albania have done a valuable job in capacity building, youth education and advocacy for youth issues, we highly appreciate them because we know the conditions under which they work and the sacrifices they need to make to improve this country, but we judge that in this case we should not intervene as NGOs.

We think that what we can do is to go out on the street with our friends and members, to redirect the situation as it is to international partners and not to use our / their/ the students’ work to promote our mission and work as an organization.

Being every year in every city of Albania, we understand and agree with the 8 requirements of the students, we also know that these are a bit of what we need but we fully agree that at least these are non-negotiable.

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