The National Youth Congress Board consists of 7 members who are elected each year by the General Assembly votes. Each board member has a two-year mandate. The Board monitors the implementation process of the adopted decisions and supports the work of the Secretariat in a systematic way. The Board members of NYC are listed with their relative positions, as below:


Lorela Marku

Lorela is born on 27 February 1996 in Mirditë, Albania. She has a bachelor degree on Finance and Accounting and is studying on Scientific Master in Accounting and Auditing.  She is currently working as project officer for Cooperation and Development Institute.

Delegated by Brave New Generation Organization, she was elected as board member of NYC in 2017 and in the 6th General Assembly the member organizations elected her as the President of the Board.

During her mandate as a board member, she was focused in the initiatives related to youth employment and mobility. She believes that a lot can be achieved by being connected and well organized; this is why she promotes good practices of local, national, regional, European and global structures.


Engjell Gjugja

Engjell Gjugja is born on 01 December 1989 in Gjakova, Kosovo. He study Philosophy in Pontifical Salesian University and advanced course for animators of communication and culture in Pontifical Lateran University. He is currently working as coordinator of public youth centre of Shkodra called “Atelie”.

He was elected as Board member of NYC in 6 June 2018, in the 6 th General Assembly of the National Youth Congress.

During his mandate as a Board member, he was focused in the public youth spaces and non-formal education.

Board Member

Enxhi Kosho

Mrs. Enxhi Kosho has finished her studies for Business Administration at the Faculty of Economic, University of Tirana and now she is attending master for Business Administration at the same faculty.
She has been an activist since 2015. Her beginnings were in youth organizations where she worked as a volunteer for almost one year. After that she has been part of various youth organizations, having different positions that have developed many of her skills.
She has been part of National Youth Congress since three years ago. Now she represents young people on local and central level.
Board Member

Dritan Sakuta

Dritan Sakuta continues his studies at the “Mediterranean” University of Albania in the Law Department.

As an energetic young man, he is always qualified for persistence and achievement of goals at the professional level by having an active involvement in Albanian Civil Society.

He represents the LIBURNETIK Organization at the National Youth Congress Assembly and is part of the board for two years. In the first year he held the seat of the President of the National Youth Congress and is currently a Board Member in this structure.

Dritan has many years of experience in Albanian Civil Society from where we can mention the role as an activist, project coordinator in some organizations as well as trainers in many other projects.

His areas of expertise are those legal and local youth policies.

Board Member

Françeska Muço

Ms. Françeska Muço has finished her study for “Administration and Social Politics” at the Faculty of Social Science of the University of Tirana and she is following her master for “Communication Sciences” at UET.

From more than five years she is a civil society activist. Her engagement dates since an early age, when she has been involved in various cultural-social activities, designing and implementing several projects and advocacy campaign related to education, gender equality and youth in decision-making.

She represents young people on local and central level, by being a member of the “Youth Advisory Board of Tirana Municipality” and “UN Women Albania Civil Society Advisory Group”.  At NYC she is a delegate from UET Centre, an organization affiliated at European University of Tirana.

Board Member

Mirjona Hoxhallari

Mirjona was born on 18 April 2000 in Durrës, Albania. She is a student at the University “Aleksandër Moisiu” Durrës, in the Education Faculity, breanch Language – Literature – English; also she is coordinator of youth volunteers in Association “Udhëtim i Lirë – Liberi di Viaggiare” in Durrës.

She was elected as Board member of NYC in 6 June 2018, in the 6th General Assembly of the National Youth Congress.

During her mandate as a Board member, she was focused in the recognition of youth with the National Youth Congress. In the meetings organized youths can see concretely how important and powerful they are under NYC umbrella.

Board Member

Marina Viktoria Hysenaj

Marina Viktoria Hysenaj holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Literature and French Civilization and a master degree in teaching French language. Since October 2018, she is working with the association ”Voice of Roma in Albania”, in the position of the local coordinator for the project “National Coalition for Roma Integration in Albania” NACRIA, in partnership with IRCA, Roma Active Albania, USHTEN. As an active and practical person, Marina has experience in working with young people and she believes that being part of NYC gives her the opportunity to share and work on new fruitful ideas by giving the right example in society.