Manual for activ society


The cooperation with Hanns-Seidel Foundation for 2018, consisted in producing a practical Manual to promote activism among young people in 12 regions of Albania. The manual was divided into two main parts. The first part contains practical information needed for different types of youth activism, how the youth can empower itself, techniques and methods of influencing policy making and advocacy campaigns, concrete activities they can use, legal knowledge, the rights and obligations of an activist, available funding opportunities and instruments (fundraising donors, AMSHC, Erasmus +, RYCO etc.) as well as platforms and opportunities related to similar organizations in the other countries of the region. The second part of the manual is an illustration of the best examples of youth activism and the impact that this activism has had on two aspects: civic education and community building. Examples will be taken from the network of active organizations across Albania and by partners in the neighboring countries (due to cultural, political, and social similarity).