Launching event of “Preparing and Supporting Albania for the EU accession process”

National Youth Congress was officially invited to be part of the conference “Preparing and Supporting Albania for the EU accession process: Monitoring and Supporting Albania’s reforms on its path to EU” organized by the Cooperation and Development Institute, with the presence of Mr. Knut Fleckenstein and a number of representatives of Ministries, EU Embassies accredited in Albania and research institutes!

Reforms in justice, the fight against corruption and organized crime and electoral reform were priorities that were widely discussed both by the representatives of research institutes and by the representatives of civil society participating in the conference. 

In her speech, the Executive Director of the National Youth Congress emphasized the importance of the participation of youth organizations and young people with systematic approach to international dialogue. Being a representative and democratic body needs strong support in research work and vision, so such meetings are indispensable. She emphasized that the integral part of youth representation and activism is to keep close attention and substantial cooperation with all youth forums of political parties.

National Youth Congress as an umbrella organization of around 100 youth organizations on the basis of the First Resolutions on Youth, signed by its governing structures and six youth forums of political parties, laid the foundations for concrete co-operation in the framework of strengthening and empowering young people.

This model of co-operation and support of each other within a particular sector, in this case the youth, shows that in addition to the EU agenda, we have another important and priority agenda, that of the Albanian society for the Albanian state she concluded.

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