Kick off meeting with WBYCP 2019!

WBYCP has entered its third year of activities. The platform institutional partners gathered in Tirana for a strategic meeting to evaluate past actions and plan future work, with a special focus on the 2019 joint activities and actions.

Several developments involving youth are happening in all the Western Balkans countries, not only at the policy level but also at grassroots/citizens level. We all agreed on the need for WBYCP to step in and voice up youth pressing issues in the region and beyond. Together we discussed about WBYCP’s strengths and opportunities, but also exchanged about the actual developments in youth sector and related policies, including the ongoing changes in legislation, youth strategies and structures in several countries, as well as the budgetary resources allocated. Each of the partners presented the work done by their organization in addressing and advocating for youth challenges and rights, locally and regionally.

Together we discussed and agreed on the research methodology that will precede studies in established fields, organize events throughout the year, and build a communication strategy to reflect the project process.

Many of the activities and joint initiatives are waiting for us.


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