Youth Resolution: “A first step towards cooperation and integration”

The National Youth Congress in cooperation with the youth forums of the political parties on International Youth Day, 12 August 2016, after a several months joint work formally signed the Youth Resolution. 

The resolution is a political document that for the first time identified and established the interests of Albanian youth in front of party interests or the focus of various subjects. In the framework of this initiative on November 26, 2016, was organized the conference “Youth participation in decision-making, a step forward to the EU integration process” with the cooperation of six political youth forums and with the support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. 

This conference served as the first step in the project venture aimed at consulting this resolution in the 12 regions of Albania. The activities carried out in each county brought together activists of youth forums, youth organizations, civil society activists, and relevant local experts on identified core topics:

  • Educational system
  • Unemployment among young people
  • Social Security
  • Integration into the EU
  • Public spaces for young people

High participation in the meetings, elaborating themes and highlighting issues makes it easier to identify causes, whether legal, institutional, social or cultural. The input provided by all actors active in the project will serve initially for a local situation overview of candidates for MPs in this year’s election. Monitoring political rhetoric will be the next link in this project to see how many of the points outlined in these round tables sent to electoral staffs have become part of the agenda of potential candidates. 

After the end of this stage, Congress will work on a national report regarding all the work done in the districts, thus tackling the issues arising from the legal, institutional and political framework in order to prepare the necessary recommendations. 

This preparatory work will serve the budget consultations for 2018 in order for the decision-making party to adopt the most urgent issues for young people and to provide the appropriate budget for their resolution.

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