Youth and Negotiations with the European Union

The positive response of Albania’s EU candidacy has brought the country into a new phase for the preparation of the negotiations. At this point, it is important to inform the wider population of the integration process and what this means for Albania was undertaken the project “Youth and EU Negotiations”. 

The project aims to inform youth organizations in Albania about Membership Negotiations and specifically on Chapters 19 and 26. During the meetings in 10 cities of Albania, a deep presentation and discussions on the European Union, membership negotiations, youth influence and youth policies, as well as contribution that youth organizations can offer, has been developed. It is discussed about the situation Albanian youth are, problems and possible suggestions on how young people can influence the improvement of this situation. 

Emphasis is placed on the great need young people have for information about the integration process, European values and intercultural communication. Albanian civil society, but also the region, are increasingly taking on the importance and the lack of relevance in the context of the political integration of the respective countries in the European Union. 

The Berlin Process, as a multidimensional process, provided space for civil society recommendations, building several mechanisms in a joint government / civil society, and adapting proposals on new topics to be taken into account throughout the integration process. 

However, it is necessary to extend this approach in a wider and more substantial way, especially in the most disadvantaged areas and to those researchers, activists or organizations who were not given the opportunity to approach or participate. 

Above all, awareness of successful closure of negotiating chapters is a first step in creating a successful model for constructive dialogue between society and the civilian component.

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