Towards an effective dialogue

The National Youth Congress is an organization that aims to represent and network the interests and needs of young people by ensuring the active inclusion of young people in decision-making at all levels.

Since Albania is one of the countries with a relatively young average age in Europe, it is this social category that during the transition period has faced various challenges ranging from employment, emigration, education and involvement in the processes of decision-making.

Albanian youth grouped in political forums or civil society organizations became part of the consultation and drafting of the National Action Plan for Youth 2015 – 2020, which was subsequently approved by the Government with the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 383, dated 6 May 2015.

This document served as the only legal basis for addressing the legal issues and their resolution referring to the objectives set out in this plan, in line with the European Union Youth Strategy.

The initiative “Towards a more effective dialogue” undertaken by the National Youth Congress with the support of the German Foundation Konrad Adenauer and the cooperation of the network of partner organizations aims to provide a transparent and objective reflection of youth policies undertaken by the Albanian government during 2017 – 2018, analyzing the work of ministries in relation to the objectives of the National Action Plan for Youth.

Findings and data gathered from this monitoring will be part of a series of discussion rounds with representatives of youth political forums, civil society and youth community at the local level. This debate aims to enhance accountability and transparency of youth policy funding on the one hand and legal empowerment through concrete recommendations for drafting the law on youth.

Monitoring the implementation of the National Action Plan on Youth and Youth Policies undertaken by the Government is of value not only to make government work transparent for young people in a year, but also to review the possibility of improving strategies in this area, as from 2016, the year when the National Youth Service passed the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, this plan was no longer monitored by the responsible state structures.

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