Youth Activism Manual – A New Moment for Promoting Activism

Youth, often articulated as the most important target in development policy, is also the most vital part of society, which requires attention and insight into the present in order for the future to be safer and more advanced than the time left behind. From our several years of work as a National Youth Congress with active youth throughout Albania we have realized that their needs for information, capacity building, orientation and motivation are ongoing and the demand of young people for these is growing. 

Adapting knowledge about their profile and context remains a challenge for agents, institutions and organizations working with this target group. This manual on youth activism comes as a practical and sought-after answer to having a genuine youth activation guide on basic topics in Albanian. 

The manual contains four main modules, the first containing the baseline values and themes of activation; second, legal information on decision-making and tip documents; the third on the success and ultimate success profiles on organizational and financial sustainability.

The paper is also based on similar manuals that are internationally recognized and used in youth activism and youth empowerment such as Amnesty International, Advocate for Youth, Compass, Youth Peer Education Tooklit and others.  

This manual will be distributed in electronic and printed format, targeting youth organizations, other youth-focused organizations, informal groups, youth forums, student governments, activists, students etc., any actor aiming at exercising rights, strengthening democracy, empowerment of young people and influence on the policy cycle.

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